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Mom and Child

Sit next to me, the smaller square table, she already having her coffee— so glad I didn’t order anything with caffeine.. very much ready for some wine, or just more music, like now I listen […]


Any thought secondary has to be buried, rarely second guess self but I do when it comes to tell– Observed surroundings, nothing astounding, Attention span of a gnat, and I’m overly selective at that–


napkin wipe away everything the rumors and the saysos, okay?  I use it again and make sure its gone, the evidence of the mistake, over my lip and cheek right but I’m wrong and I […]

Sq 4

Slammed, no care, leave, draw, more color, or others, or once the wine finds my aorta, then my song will be in a speaker, or million, million-ing, vision and image, a prism from pittance (2/12/15)