unstable seismology– internally, reflected through poetry. what else do I do.. separate, for final balcony talk.. measured skip, […]

Reach to another space– But I’m afraid of erase. If I fail, I’ll press delete, Restart, so no […]

Level-headed, already a rebel, said it– Drive with heavy metal pedal for the vessel’s edit.. Glasses half half– […]

Parked. Orange anther still. Finishing quick. Time’s attacking Early this morning. More coffee– Guilty letter breaks.. Counseling my […]

Descent through blocks– Turning left, into lot. Retuning.. Sense is boring.. Rather paint in shades varied– (7/18/13)

No chemical blended pull, dry flight to The high right– tie tight my thoughts to clouds Loud. In […]

Alleyways, like infinite holidays, Call the craze.. In commotion, my gall was Grazed. Like a pedestrian getting tazed. […]