Reach to another space–
But I’m afraid of erase.
If I fail, I’ll press delete,
Restart, so no obsolete,
I promise,
To self,
What else is dealt?

Solidly, promises and wishes,
Fall to three.
Pleasing pleases,
Fortune spun for sick seasons–

Decided to stand still, admire perfect walls..
Intimidated by stares of beloved dolls.
Plates broken in floors, slamming invisible
Doors. Ignore the call for to any chores.



Parked. Orange anther still.
Finishing quick. Time’s attacking
Early this morning. More coffee–
Guilty letter breaks.. Counseling my
Self in largely ablaze days. Necessary.



Hate sleep lately.

What does it do, but

just put me to sleep.

No words, no sound, unless I’m in dream

dune. But I have 2B asleep to be in 1 of those.

No logic to any of this. Who wrote the manual?

Do they even know how

to write?


Setting schedule for Self, new plan,  ban canned,
Demanding discipline, a certain vision spin, what written in
.. Begin on the right fin, swimming with
Sharks, hearing only cannon sparks,  darts in prosperous parts–
New bans on barks. Hard 2concetrate,
With a squandered fate. Forsake what’s
Late, readjust dates, at the gate of slates.
No interest in continuing session.. This must
B some kind of lesson, I’m with a mind in
Resin. Quite unpleasant. Thoughts destitute,
Arrested rouse. Fury forwarding in 2’s.
Consolidate my whole day into a song,
I’ve been through the gong, attack back
With 3 to 6 prongs.. Care less if I’m wrong–
Artist extremist. Critics never me ended.
Prose & poetry police think they have me apprehended,
but I’ve ascended.



First voice, sun climb, funny.. we just saw it

close I feel. She listens to each song, tells

me she likes. She could be lying, I wouldn’t

care. Roll through hours with more revolution–

Rebuilt. Notes reread.. maybe another

book. Not a character, a key.. 4ME.

Keep checking for new lines, can’t decide if

I’m hooked or set. Same? See what she thinks, what

she knows. She started this all. Different, hill to floor.

Her shoulders, made same as legs, with other

shades, strokes. I just stare, wish I could shoot, but

she deserves appreciation. Not the

trivial. She’s above cameras, lenses,

any end frame. Nothing wrong with dazing, as I see.


Crescent Voice

Fish swimming though
small blankets of mismanagement.
Wait for delivery– feeding free.
Can’t propellor away.. This water,
trying. Going to need another
second, think more about
What’s on shore. Hopefully more.
Not motivated to circle again.
Why not other shapes.. Why not
A new set? In Canada, or Alaska,
Or Tanzania. Shanghai? I’ll fin over to
School’s conductor, inform her I’m
Simply floating past, not pausing
Like they do. I want more
than just a job. Life, to
Translates to
Plan’s total


Running Pinafore

She responds.  But where flies her beats?

I’m wandering, like random waves no one

hears.  At least they’re captured.  Wish she

were the cage.  That’s what wishing’s for,

I guess.  Comments in flocks, but the voice

bends ignorantly.  Somewhat amusing.

I guess.  Only music, with

her steps, breaths,

sets.  Only a follower.

Perfect gallery.  Guilty.

Take the images away, scraping

at sanity.  So I’ll keep them,


Here.  Consciousness commandeered.



Haikus don’t hit palate right.

Nor do sonnets, sestinas.

What do I do when this happens–

No, not paragraphs, punctuation.

Get sick just thinking about it.

What about not write at all.  Let

the page sit there.. lonely, hungry.

Is that wrong?  Am I a cruel penner?

Keys fell out of pocket.  Why pick them

up.  Garage open, when I hoped it shut.

Pencils, spilled from cup.  But, still stuck.

Heavier, the moment.  Uneven, probably from

tempo.  Don’t have time2proofREAD, or go slow.

Thoughts, puzzle’s pieces in yarn globes, not at all rowed.



Letters. Responses in plastic
Bottles. Pour holding patterns
Over strict schedules. Bitten–
Clutter mind another.
Societal.. A bye with bull.
Champagne glass, the fan’s feign’s
Dash. Heart, restart.. What I always
Say, delay. Poems for inventory–
Corporate story.. It bores me.. Paper,
Staples, reports– me, only retorts.
Feeling igloo interpretation, over.
Re-freezing me. Correctly.
Tell me, litigiously– forced sayings,
Pointed. Emotion’d. Solicited so–