Sonoma Stash

5/4/13:  Been up since before 5:30am.  Can’t recall time exact.  Have to gather material today.  Writing all down.  No more phone capturing.  And if I don’t scribble, then write in head.  If it doesn’t stick to mental sheet, then it wasn’t meant to be written.  Today, said to be cooler than last two.  Even still, I’m betting on a crowd overdose.  Running after work today, without fail.  Legs are feeling better.  Kind of talked mySelf out of a run yesterday–that, and I wasn’t in mood after a day viciously rough–but I really shouldn’t have gone out, anyway, especially as many parts of both legs were sore, if I touched them.

Wine on mind, but not for my consumption.. how do I turn this blog into a money generator.  I REFUSE to surrender or compromise the Literary sinew of my content.. but how to I change it slightly to get closer to MY Equilibrium, 2B SELF-employed?  One answer: Keep writing, keep taking pictures, keep filming.. post everything, and see what happens.  Contact winery allies (Kaz, St. Fran, maybe Mayo, your friend Sarah over at Naked Wines), see if they’ll let you move a couple bottles for them.  In the end, I want to sell wine for clients.. like advertising/marketing, but different.  Very much different.  Now my mood elevates…

Much I hate the box, they did teach me quite a bit.  In many respects, ALL I know about marketing through specific sales campaign.  And, if I could be totally blunt: I think the idea behind what the box does flow with utterly brilliance.  [And that’s where I’ll stop in complement of those people].  Need to put Self in that frame.  Overhead HAS to be low.  If at all existent.  Actually, I’ll use change I have on me, or money in checking (after paying bills, of course).  The $1,000 envelope will be for emergency, or specific expenses significant, or assigned.  You get the idea..

Just finishing my first cup of coffee, I think again of all the independent business owners I’ve met over the years: the insurance guy, the advertising idiots from Marin, the crazy wedding planner, the clown with the wine shop in Sebastopol, however many indie photographers I’ve met at this winery, AV Winery, St. Francis and all over.  Like Dad says, “if they can do it, there’s no reason I can’t.” Just need to be organized, consistent.  AND FOLLOW THROUGH!!

Today, at lunch: go by Kaz, bounce some ideas off him.  He’s always been supportive of me.  ALWAYS.  Since day one.  I remember when I met him, walking into his winery, just after starting the first blog, telling him what I was doing and that I wanted to blog about 1 of his wines, and his winery.  He welcomed me in, gave me a bottle to write about.  I demanded to pay, but he stood stern, ordered me to just take it, enjoy my writing experience, wishing me well with the new blog.  That was in early ’10.

Should get in the shower, soon, officially start day.  My aims, defined clearly.  First campaign: Kaz Winery.  Make my first sales call today.  My “pitch,” to one of dearest of friends, simply: “I want to sell your wine.” Used to love going on those “immersions” when I worked at the box.  And I thought it was fascinating how the campaigns were set up.  Watch me do it better…

My office.  In Sonoma.  Off Square.  I’ll budget Girl & The Fig into budget, for lunches.


8:28am.  Have 30 minutes of writing ahead.  Quiet house.  Alice leaving for gym, taking my little Artist with her.  Goal for morning: 1000 words.  Listening to instrumentals now, Pandora.  Time for switch.  On cup 3, you should see me.  And to be honest, verse’ll pair better with these cup, my present mood [elevated from yesterday, and when I first woke today].

Just threw 53 dollars into stash.  That brings me pretty close to $700, I think.. would have to check the entry from a couple days ago where I audited my hopeful monetary keepings.  This new track, sending me to a hotel, on the road.. writing.  Just woke up.  Not much to do, but write.  I can just lie atop the comforter, stare out the window, at easy ocean, and storm away on pages’ waves.  I’ll be there soon.  You don’t write as much as I do and have nothing happen, not have your dreams bottled, sipped.. over, over, repeatedly, joyfully.

Love this track, so calming.  And I love moments like this.. the peace of it, the solitude, the control I have with these keys.  Just realized, I didn’t post last night’s 1000 words.  I’ll do so tonight, after run.  This Creative togetherness, here, in MY chair: antithetical to tasting Room’s pace.  Which is wonderful, and 1 of the many reasons that Room supplies so much energetic material, characters.. how they react to wine.. how they want to be heard talking about whichever wine they’re sipping.

Rethinking how I want to approach the ’13 vintage.  May text my sister to see if she wants to do a custom crush project..  That way, I’m in complete control, with her, not having to depend on accommodating winery, or their winemaker wizards.  Tempted to text her right now, but I’m enjoying this session too much.  That text–picking up phone, going to message screen, typing it, battling autocorrect, then finally sending, would cost about a minute.  I probably COULD afford that, but I’m spending the time on anything but pagination.

The current song, “Bodega Bay,” by a group called “Sounds from the Ground.” Or is that a compilation?  No, it’s a duo, apparently, coming to music’s scene in ’96.  Now I’m in a verse/music mood.  Departing from prose–


Incremental recovery, no blundery..

this polemic poetry perforated proverbially.

Lovely, what was he, they ask.. and I dismissively

laugh.. count imaginary cash, devil–

more than a meek rebel, I’m an Anti..

oh, so freethinking, am I; conversation with

tropical sky, a dot on the “i”, they’re lost in a lie.

impossible tie, so hobble and hide, or get

caught in the tide..