journal, 4/3/13: Flying

Had a chance to visit both my wines today.  The blend, I have trouble even speaking about it critically.  But the Merlot, a bit knotted on the nose.  Zach told me it was a little “post-ML funk.” Interesting.  Also, I’ll be topping both with a very active, ML-wise, 2012 Zin.  Never saw that happening, but excited to see results thereof.  Rain on the way, I guess, again.  Need this vintage to be outstanding.  AND, I’ve concluded I’ll do 2 barrels, and am fine with assuming all expenses.  This’ll be my last trial year.  2014, I’ll have my own label, funded by the success of these books.

“So, winemaker, what’s in your glass tonight?” 2010 Estate Zin.  Love this palate mystique.  An easy-sipping, playfully versatile red.  Met an interesting man from Alaska today, towards shift close, visiting his sister from Martinez.  Not much else happened today, as much of the shift, beginning, was spent putting up new umbrellas on patio, and just outside tasting tent.  One group that finessed my attention: a group of 3 tasters from SSU, one character–a young girl who just turned 21, hoping to someday teach math at high school level–loving all the reds.  She couldn’t stand the whites.  “I’ve never liked white wine, it’s just bored me, really,” she said.  How could I challenge this, this was her opinion, her taste, her wine state.

Need another glass of this zippy Zin.  Thinking about my wines, all 3 of them.  Especially 11MKCS [stationed over at St. Francis], what Zach said about it, my sister’s response to his reaction.  I think my first wine needs to have a rawness conveying my newness to winemaking, that this is my first bottle.  Yes, I want it to be palatable, but I don’t want people to taste it and think, “Oh, he had his professional winemaker sister help him,” or worse, “make it for him.” Katie and I are tentatively set to meet on Saturday, my lunch break, for topping just before bottling.  I’ll relay this thought to her.  And if she disagrees, I’ll have to follow, concede.  She IS a professional winemaker, trying to help her ink-imbibed brother.  For which, I’m beleagueringly grateful.  Today, I’m pushed further into the winemaker’s mind, grind, I set to see what I want to find.

Just found that a former student’s cousin, only 31 years old, just passed away, from bloody cancer.  Cancer.  Again.  Think I may hate it more than Time.  No, I definitely do.  Need to write faster, get these books out.  Who knows if it’ll next come for me.  A little worn, still, from the other day’s 3000+ words.  But I’m writing, after this latest lesson.  All I can advise readers: Live, and Live well…  Life, cruelly too short.  Guess I’m just reflective at the moment.  Watching a Giants game, thinking of how I want to soon take little Jack to one.  Score, 5-3, SF, bottom 9.  Remember when Alice and I went to our first Giants game, when we were dating.  Felt like an idiot, lecturing her on baseball strategy.  But, as she always is, was kind, attentive, letting me spill, spiel.

Should close.  Enjoy my wine, Life, rest of the game– oh, it just ended.  Then watch the news, I guess.  See how serious this “storm” that’s headed our way really is.  Tomorrow night’s lectures, tomorrow’s morning mocha, on brain.  Need prep.