4/2/13.  After the morning’s thousand, now 958am, letting Self have a standalone here on blog, or log[noblog].  Tonight’s offerings, all surrounding Art.  There are some students who I know don’t connect to what I put in.  And that’s fine.  I don’t write for them, nor do I have them in mind when writing my session notes.  This book, taking an interesting shape.  Almost its own direction.  And it doesn’t remind me of anything, anyone else’s work, which is refreshing.

About to finish second verse of spoken word piece began yesterday.  This one, the first in a collection I’m going to TRY2gather for reading’s intent.  With little Kerouac asleep upstairs, I can put on something.. something on Pandora..  Imagining what music I’ll listen to when on Road.  Maybe nothing.  Maybe I’ll only need the measures of my thoughts’ sheets, keys.

Just noticed, approaching bottom of page 500 in this doc.  Started 1/1/12, when I was still at box.  Today, 4/2/13.  Interesting to measure, play with numbers involving my pace.  500 pages in 1 yr, 3 mos, 1 day, 12 hrs, 31 mins.  Think I have that right.  Anyway, less than 16 months to produce 500 pages.  And is there a story?  Yes.  Me.  I’M the story.  My passions, pursuits.  And I know not everyone’s a writer, English Instructor, reader, wine lover/maker.. but they can identify with and hopefully appreciate passion, my passion, passions.

Lot on my mind, now, looking at these numbers, realizing where I am in Life.  And again, I reserve FULL right to blend these “posts” into first 200+ page piece.  Otherwise, it’s just wasted and forgotten on this “blog.” Or in this device.  The words need to see paper.  Always.  41% left in laptop’s life.  Need for charge.  So annoying.  Like when people say I need to review wines on my blog.  Why would this writer want to do that?  Where’s the Art in that?  Yes, I could write about them Creatively, or whatever, as I did on mikeslognoblog.  But I’ve moved on.  There’s more Art here, how I’m writing now.  May be more work for readers, but too bad.

Still researching Mr. Picasso.. his habits, numerous periods.  Can’t believe how much he created, how many standalone’s he left us.  -12:41pm