starting, 3/30/13

7:22am.  Early rise.  Been with Kerouac since 6:15am.  We’re downstairs, now.  He plays with a tambourine, and  I look out at sky, threatening rain.

8:35am.  Alice off to gym, Kerouac with her, I sit to write.  The clouds, quite promising.  Good for writing, and it’ll certainly change the winery’s stage, being out there in those tents.  Not sure how much’ll descend today, but I’ve heard tomorrow brings more volume.  AND, a day off for the writer.  My objective?  Get more of the book done.  Had a little flirtatious thinking with breaking it up into chapbooks, but no.  No more of that frivolous ping-ponging.  206 pages.  Not a sheet more.  Or less.

Brewed coffee here, this A.M.  Thinking about closing sessions of semester, and how I haven’t heard back from the Dept. Chair as to what I might expect for Fall.  Which, by the way, I hope brings me options I like.  1A, 5, a Creative Writing section [which would be unbelievably satisfying].  Also had the idea of starting a private teaching practice, for writing.  And by “writing,” I mean anything.  “Professional” writing, fiction, poetry, nonfiction.. just something I want to try.  See if it works.  Not going to dump any money into advertising, business cards, supplies.. anything.  Just going to be a word-of-mouth initiative, for now.  What gave me this idea was the lady’s website I visited for French lessons.  She started teaching at some institution, then branched off to start her own outfit.

Life, so short, so vulnerable to so much.  I might as well.

Looking at the video I shot with Sam the other day, hoping ’13 has a yield like 2012.  Remember, I want to do 2 barrels of Merlot.  How much fruit should I buy?  Ton and a half?  One of Alice’s “mommy friends,” as I them dub, gifted her an ’09 Oakville Merlot, yesterday.  Might study that tonight…