Clouds, Now

Today, me in reserve room.  Thought for sure I’d have a stress-soaked shift.  But just the antithesis, actually.  Felt in-control, ruling, in-flight.  That last group, with the photographer from Texas, my favorite.  Well as the fellow writer/blogger with the lady from Sweden, my first group.  All tip money, to Self-publishing effort, this first collection.  Here on couch, watching news, sipping the ’10 Kunde RDR.  Not in much mood for the digital, this laptop.. want the Comp Book– NO, my little notebook, right in front of me.  Keep with the Creativity.  My first book, due 3/15, already done, pretty much, thanks to my return to all entries old.

Looking forward to Tuesday’s class, especially with the 100 section.  Love Hemingway’s prose, dialogue, teasing exposition.  Was tempted just now to check my phone.  But for what?  I swear to you, reader…  I loathe these popular items; the buttons, screens, florescence; all of it.  Adopting Mr. Allen’s methods, those Literarily organic.  […]  Back from distraction, some social media entanglement.  Why?  Why do I let that happen?  Calming Self, taking sip…  Herbal, bright, a big tight.  Reflecting on today, my wine in the reserve room’s spin.  Tomorrow, behind main bar.  Much more material.  HAVE to top my barrels, tomorrow morning.  No fail.  Monday morning, going in early, for racking of Merlot, other blending activities.

Getting everything off this laptop monster.  Like an racking, or–  A withdrawal of forces; this Author’s troop extraction.  So, going forward, no more new documents.  Only new notebooks, after a predecessor’s been filled.  The weather today, Summer-like.  Which I enjoyed, as did the guests on that patio.  But I miss the rain.  That’ll help me, my true work.  Last sips of blend, thinking again.  Need more verse tonight.  Shift, closed.  As stayed total day.  So, alas, allowed to stray.

Time to actually freewrite, reacting to/reflecting within ideas shared with that photographer from TX; how purism is truism.  The more you stage, deliberate, the more disingenuous.  So thankful for today’s guests, helping me finish my collection.

(3/1/13, Friday)