Still with bug.  But feeling much better than I did yesterday.  Can’t even believe I made it through my shift.  Was sure I would have gone home.  One of my co-workers, J, a manager-ish figure at the winery, asked me if I wanted to go home.  I said no, stayed.  Still haven’t bought my sketch pad.  Think it may be fear.  Fear of what?  So annoying, how I hold back.  What do I have to be afraid of?  Sipping Alice’s Chardonnay, what she didn’t sip, which is about a full glass.  She had two glasses at Mom and Dad’s, I guess.  So she’s wasn’t primed for another.  And I understand, as it’s been a busy last few days.  Jack’s birthday, Sunday.  His doctor appt today, getting 4 shots…  Was so amazed how he barely cried, with those 4 needle ends diving into his skin.  He did far better than his sensitive Artist father.  My little character, continuing to impress, inspire his penning dad.

Haven’t sipped the Chard, yet.  Wonder what terms it has for my somewhat-particular palate…  Definitely a California Chard– creamy [not buttery], pear, apple.. more acidity than I’d expect.  On the finish, a curious perfume or floral nudge.  Not sure how to take this white Burgundy.  Usually, as I tell people, I deplore Chardonnay.  Not saying the grape doesn’t have place.  I just don’t like it.  But, this one hold my senses, tells them to calm down, open themselves to renewed note arrangement.

With new honesty skate, I’m thinking of pushing letters into my books.  What kind of letters?  Not sure.  But to everyone, everyTHING– devices, wine, California, the ocean, this laptop monster.  Want to write more letters.  To my character, Ms. Kelly.  I need her to just tell me to start drawing.  To stop thinking about it.

Script sparks, tasting Room–

CHAR1:  I don’t get this one.

CHAR2:  What’s to get, it’s wine.  Are you saying you don’t like it?

CHAR1:  No.  I like it.  I just don’t get it.

CHAR2:  Huh?  I think you’re over-thinking it.  Seriously, this is wine, not cosmic calculations–

CHAR1:  How would you know what cosmic calculations are?  You failed Astronomy, didn’t you?

CHAR2:  I did, ‘cause I didn’t get it.  But I GET this.  It’s just wine.