Orbit, New Planet

Another clocking, 10:08pm. Home, had the last remaining enchiladas Mom made the night of Katie’s birthday.  Pairing furiously delicious with this IPA.  Tonight’s classes, went well, I’m incredibly pleased.  The forethought, deliberation, helps.  And typing it.  Next session, brainstormings, essay prep.  Tomorrow, winemaking mode.  Was asked today to possibly host a blending seminar next week.  Can’t even tell you how excited I am.  Not sure what varietals are to be encompassed, or what the desired outcome is.  But, I’m honored–no, humbled–that I was asked.  Tomorrow, throughout day, doing nothing but writing tasting notes.. my own notes.  My voice, diving into everything from noticeable character suggestion, or “nuance,” to finish, possible pairings.  Want to catch my sister.. and not like I feel some competitive curl towards her, I simply want to be a winemaker as SHE’S a winemaker.  I’ve thoroughly thought this through, the past days few.  And I’m there.. a writer, making wine, then writing about it.  Part of my “subject,” category.  My Merlot, for example, last I tasted it, needs to be racked, and I believe re-blended.  I want it darker, as one of the winemakers called it “Very grape-y.” Truthfully, I want it to have somewhat a Cabernet feel.

In the blending seminar, I want people to have an appreciation for experimentation, whimsicality, knowing what they like.  And with my Literary entrenchment in rectitude, I can only report what’ll transpire with this seminar.  Maybe it won’t happen, but I WAS asked, meaning someone sees me as a wine somebody [was going to say “talent,” or “authority,” but I don’t see Self as deserving those tags, not yet.. Katie does, but not the writer.. again, not YET…].  Have some Zin in the kitchen, opened a couple nights ago, that ’08, but I don’t think it’ll have the heft it did the other night, the musing musicality.

10:27pm.  How did the day pass as it did?  Time, with another gain over the writer.  But I’m still writing, so it hasn’t advanced, totally.  Want to turn on news, but that would rob this sitting of a few seconds.  Just going to type, tell you what I’m doing, and what I AM TRULY doing is thinking of tomorrow, all the information I can collect on the wines I’m pouring.  Another question I’ll have is how long is the blending session..  Don’t want guests to get bored, or have too much2sip.  Concentration’ll be lost, if so.

War.  Thinking about my thoughts from the other night, if I had seen war as Mr. Hemingway did.  Have more stories, obviously, but only after seeing so much death, suffering, horror.  Not sure I want that subject matter, if I could handle it, adequately channel it, but it’s still something to entertain, how it would change my voice, style, subject address if I HAD seen such sights.

Tired, suddenly, and I want to have just a small sample of that ’08 Zin.  It’s been open 2 days, though.  Going to do it, anyway.  Be right back…  It has lost a little of its initial prominence, but the anchoring notes are still there, with the black berry, herbal minted transitions.  A nice Zin, aging surprisingly well.  It still has an orbit about its vintaged uniqueness.  Now, motivated.  Can’t wait to see where this seminar possibility goes.