Since I have a new re-embrace of consolidation’s proposal, reality, after our first all-nighter with little Kerouac, I’m on blog this evening, solely.  These thoughts are meant to be wasted, thrown away into some interweb medium, as I’m too tired to care.  Think it’s raining, lightly, outside.  Had a nice tip from a gentleman in Reserve Room, today.  The father of a groom, for an elopement wedding in the caves.  So generous of him, giving me renewed interest, belief, in that room’s visitors [for page].  Tonight, only beer.  About to pop night’s capping.  No journal jumping this evening.  Only2blog.  Hard for me to stay in 1 spot, as you completely know.  But I’m following through.  Last night, today (tired as I was–didn’t think I’d survive day’s whole), showing me I don’t have time.  And I mean none.  I don’t think like “oh, time isn’t forever,” or even, “better accomplish before I’m 40,” or something like-trite.  I’m doing it now.  Blog, then occasional, or frequent, BOOKS.  Simple.  2 “prongs.” Hate that word.  Why.  Not sure.  I’ve been up since 6-something…  Wait, is that right?  Still a couple more sips in bottle.

About a year ago today, I was free, FINALLY, from that devilish box.  NO, I’m not letting it go.  “You have issues, Mike.” I do.  Many.  And that goblin garage is only one of them.  What do they know about winemaking, real passion for what’s in a bottle?  They’re price-point focused.  And they’ll admit it.  Me, I’m focused on the bottle’s contents.  Sipper reactions, EXPERIENCE.  Not scripts, “campaign” outlines.  Tomorrow, the winemaker and I will be taking the first steps to barreling our blend, the 2012 New Dad Cuvée.  Today, I topped my bbl with some Merlot from tank 11, as per his suggestion.  Love how it situated on palate with its shades, grades.  The nose, a little reduced, but I know (now) that’ll go away with succeeding oxygen exposure (“micro-ox”).  Also did some research today on yeast strains, and sulfur additions between rackings.  MY winemaking urge again regenerated, after talking to winemaker.  I tasted nearly everything behind that bar, not just jotting down “nuances,” but describing wine character, possible pairings, and just my initial reaction.

Hear drops, still.  Hoping the little Artist upstairs has a full night in sleep.  We all need it.  Me, especially, as I teach tomorrow night, and am set to be at winery at 8:30am.  Could easily fall asleep.  Here.  On this couch.  Up-sitting.  But I’m meeting my deadline.  This session, more of a deadline/length exercise than anything else.  Want to see roads, SOON, be back in my city [Paris, if you’ve never read this log].  Need to get my hands on some Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.. not sure what made me think of that, but I do.  Need to taste more Pinot.  Have stayed away from it, quite stubbornly since that tasting at C & B’s house a few months back.  My birthday, a bit over 4 months away.. hope something happens by then, with these pages.  Why hope?  I’ll force Equilibrium.  You what, I’m opening another, toasting to such.

And just like that, he’s up.  Could be another night.  Long, quite.  My new challenge, one that could forever delay me, padre role.

But only if I, a stubborn writer, let it.  [1/23/13]