Street Strolling, ode-ing

IMG_1363Tonight, not much blogging.  All for book, or books.  Tired from day, and a bit from last night’s session.  My temperament, much more subtle, settled than last night.  Sipping water, sparkling, right now.  On night’s agenda: syllabi, studying [for classes and projects concerning Self.. wine, Lit theory, wine making, Art, French, French history], writing in books, from little note pages.  Putting together Frankenstein pages, chapters.  Then, I’m distracted.  Dinner thoughts.  What should I have?  Lasagna?  Should I go out?  No, I’ll save that for tomorrow night, my last alone.

Find Self overthinking.  AGAIN.  Just let night progress, keep goals simple.  So, 36 printed pages.  That will make a ms [manuscript].  Indiana Jones, Last Crusade, on again.  Won’t lie, I’m watching.  But not for that long.  Only letting Self work down here till 8pm.  Then, up2office.  In the mood for a Little Sumpin’.  I’ll sip slow, as I need something to sale.. profitable pages.  Autonomy, 2013’s only goal.

IMG_1360Paris…  Want to write on the Seine.  Record everyone passing.  Would love to have a picnic with my character, one of those benches.  Just bread, cheese, something red.  Something else to research tonight, if I remember: French wine regions, French Oak barrels.  Want this diary I’m keeping to be as findings-full as Jones, Sr.  Envy how all these characters don’t rely on tech as we do.  No cell phones, no ipads, nothing electronic, connected to physical.

7:18pm.  Winemaking, one of my study objectives tonight.  Thinking this year–this VINTAGE–I’ll do only 1 wine, but 1 barrel of it.  Have it be my last trial wine.. my trial masterpiece.

8:14pm.  Downstairs, still, as I just finished dinner.  Opened my only ’07 Cabernet, Alexander Valley.  My notes, in pocket.  Today, slow as it was, did provide quite a bit of thought.  Reminding me of the peace in wine’s industry.  I should never get upset, defensive.  That indicates weakness, exposure, vulnerability, INSECURITY on my behalf.  That’s inartistic.. TRUE Art de- and connotes strength, VIGOR.  Can’t and shouldn’t blame “the industry” for being what it is, what it can’t help but be.  Due upstairs now at 9pm.  Can’t wait to try this ’07.  Paris, this wine, only can be in fantasy.  Need to respond to past student, wanting me to read some of her Creative pieces.  Think it may be short pieces.  Going to write her really quick.  But it won’t be a letter.  Rather a note on by way of some stupid social medium.  Well, I could write it here, first, on this little monster [laptop].  I’ll do that, I’m thinking.  Letting the ’07 breath, wake.  What I need do with Self.  No innuendo, just candor here, towards Self, his works.


8:29pm.  Headed upstairs.  With a Cab-crowded glass.  Going to just print.  Whatever I can find.  Need something to sell.  Going to have to edit, just facing unavoidable task.  Writers edit.  Their own work.  Self-published writers do, obviously.  What I want 2do.  Just rambling.  Getting bored with sitting.  So I off log.  Want to taste that ’07, but should I give it a little more time?  When did I open it?  Should have logged that.

Looking at a couple pictures from today, the last few shifts.  Winemaking, this vintage especially, on mind.  Want my wines to not only represent “terroir,” but also speak for me.  I want them to tell story, convey consciousness.  Wonder what I’m going to be thinking tasting my ’13 wine, for 1st time, when it’s finally in barrel.  Now, needing glass.


Telling stories to perspectives other.

Figuring it all, in times protracted.

Gifting characters renewed suitedness.

(1/6/13, Sunday)