a writing wino’s time, slow

1/2/13.  With this solitude, I can write in morning.  Time 8:43a.  So not for long.  First work day of this new year, and I’m set to write, capture, record, film EVERYTHING.  Still have grading to do.  Pretty sure it’s due in 2 days.  If I DO have tomorrow off, I’ll wake early, just get it out of the way.  Need to get grading book from office depot, or hut, or max or whatever.

Old friend from college, in from out of town.  Can’t be out late tonight.  Have to  stand strict with Self as I was last night leaving early from Ed’s.

Out door.  Mocha, then winery.  4 shots, this A.M.  I blame his Syrah.  ’08, my favorite vintage for the chief Rhône…


IMG_13079:13pm.  After a slow day, I’m done with dinner.  Sipping an ’09 AV Cab.  Still needs to breathe a bit.  I DO have tomorrow off.  Have to wake early, finish grading.  Then, WRITE.  4myLIFE.  Have to get these projects done, salable.  Looking at the stills I shot today, the notes I took.  Love the phrase “instead-of-dinner wine,” from the guy on my last mountain top tour.  Heater going, here in condo castle.  Surprisingly cold outside.  Tonight, all newJournal writing.  Told Self I’d post 5 times to blog tonight, but that’s ridiculously unwise.  First, if it were all written posts, not photog’, video.. it’d be wasting, Art I could have Self-published, sold.  And if visual, filmed, it’d just be repetitive, in my opinion.  It wouldn’t be WRITING.  Opinions, all I have anymore.  This wine, reminding me of work I have to do on my barrels.  MKCS, especially.  Katie and I are supposed to get together at some point this week to talk about our project.  Eager to hear what she thinks should be done, if anything.  My last tasting, thought it sat a bit light.  But, all more reason to soon revisit.


Watching a movie, one I ordered.  Going a bit too long.  Kind of bored.  Would rather again watch one of my writing movies that I’ve seen dozens, if not over a hundred times.  Not much else to report.  Nothing at all, really.  Does this mean I actually get to break from writing, from being a writer?  Just enjoy my night, drink cinematic Alexander Valley 2009 Cabernet?  Maybe I can take a break from these pages, like Mom says.  Just for a night.  Need another sip.  Think the “movie” is nearly done.  At this point, it’s neither funny nor directed, even directionless.  I just don’t know what it’s doing.

IMG_1316Feeling bored, strangely.  How do I change the evening’s blandness, inject–no, inoculate randomness?  Have no idea.  I’ll go upstairs, get newJournal–  No.  Don’t think that’s the answer either.  Feel I’m trying to force something, some moving project, some piece that’ll send me, Author.  Nothing to say, I feel.  But with venturing Bordeaux to sip.  A jumping political patch of its own, honestly.  This wine has a position, a personality.  A philosophy.  It’s cognitive, conscious.  Creative.  More pictures tempting me.  Some taken last night.  A couple.  But even still…  They have me feeling Artistic.  Artsy, much I hate that word.  Want another sip.

Finally, one of my movies.  Now I do feel reactionary.  —  You know what, I’m stopping.  To do some actual WRITING.  Oh, and that happens on paper.