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[11/26]  Just posted the day’s thousand words.  Now, reading mikeslognoblog 2010 November entries.  I’ve been warring with many of the same facets for two years.  Well, 2 years on blog.  This skirmish stretches far behind beginning blogging breaths.  But it’s ended, with this first book.  As I perpetuate this habit, somewhat commendable I guess [as so many I’ve heard call it difficult to post everyday], so will I the printing of my books.  Watching little Jack on monitor, waiting for weather report.  Tonight’s lecture, not my best, but I tightened it towards adjournment.  Can’t wait for rain.  Wednesday should be a page-worthy onslaught.  Bring the drops, my coming clouds.

11/27/12 — Awake, with coffee.  Student’s letter sent.  Posted poem to blog.  Keeping with momentum.  Not going to winery today, but rather early tomorrow.  Shooting for 5 video & pic, maybe some text, posts during tomorrow’s 8 hours on clock.  Making bx my life, livelihood.  [8:38am]

3:41pm.  As you might have foreseen, reader, the author needs another mocha.  Definitely.  OR should I “save” the money.  Don’t know why I write “save,” as it’ll just be gobbled up by some other bill, or obligation, or reflexive/impulsive matter.  Would love to go to the book store right now, just walk around.  The one on 4th & D has a SBUX in it.  Good idea?  Don’t know just yet.  Let me think..

Tomorrow, hard rain, generous wind expected.  Should be pretty quiet in tasting Room.  Which means a unique blogging opp’ for bx.  That is, if I’m not put on some menial chore.

8:35pm.  Returning earlier than expected from dinner.  Jack, Mr. Little Kerouac himself, quite tired from day.  Two wines to be tasted at dinner: my sister’s ’10 OVZ, alongside an ’08 Cab from Geyser Peak.  Wines of 2nite, both good, but I felt unromanced.. I don’t know.  I was left wanting.  Wanting.  Right now, in foulness’ frame.. virulent.  Tomorrow, return2work.  The news, can’t get enough of their own fear-mongering with coming “storm.” Or, I’m story, “stormS.” They even hop with such hellion habit as to make correlations with “superstorm” Sandy.  My scorn tonight, exceptionally sharp.

On brinks of war with social media.. That outline of a being on BRAVO, saying “you can never send out too many tweets, you can never post too many blogs,” or whatever.  Why is writing never emphasized?  The Independent Thinker, the True Artist [Artist Extremist]?  She’s a pop culture addict with not a faint mind echo.  She’s one to follow.  She prides herself on being a “streamer,” a “life caster.” True, she used to spend time at a keyboard, I guess “writing,” but now she just records her dates by iphone, other empty efforts.  This is what technology has brought us to.  And she would threaten such remarks, or respond to those printing them, with all her “connections” to Silicon Valley, how “plugged-in” she is.  Do you think anyone cares?  I have to ask.

Topic next, if you please — Sipping Racer.  Was surprised how “safe” tonight’s wines were.  My sister’s Zin scored an 88, or 89, in Spectator.  It isn’t a “bad” Zin, don’t mistake, but I wasn’t taken, woo’d, whoa’d.  It is young, I’ll give it that.  But I still have the ’09 SFW OVZ in my palate’s near-recollect.  Could be my mood affecting my observations.  How is it only 9:02p?  Still no rain.  Thought it was supposed to start tonight.  Wonder what the weather idiots will say when we just get a polite peck of precipitation.  So funny to me, especially how people buy into this publicized prophesy.  Already, Bay Area residents are “gearing up” for the storm offshore.  Ugh, tired of talking about it.  My mistake, motion.. more, no.  Another topic next, select–

Tasted 11MKCS tonight, for the first in some time.  Loved the palate, finish.  Nose was nice, but still revealing youth.  And, the wine was a bit lighter than I remember, OR as I would like.  Need to talk to Katie, see if a re-blending or re-racking’s needed.  2013, doing everything by Self, by hand.