swinging leap, me

more enactments.  For the yet in intermission.

finalize my forum.  Racing to my glass.

wine, singing to writer circuits.  Seemingly always.

fermented momentum.  Rhymed stadium stint.

only panacea.  Is that the write word?

yes i wrote the purposefully.  Roads wind, I find.

divide strides, when imbibed.  I must be sick.

writing as much as i do.  My plight, vice.

twice, thrice, examined like mice.  Rounding pattern.

experience evaporates righteousness.  I’ve found.

maybe i’m cynical in this halfway age.  Am I there?

anchor beam– flip break.  Calming my variables.

crowding lenses.  What do I do, with such swarm so warm?

playing with lanes.  Envisioning privatized peace.

yes, i’m ailing.  Loudly.