quick notes– journaled, 8/2/12

-Syrah, much more romantic, musical last night than I remember it.

-Long day today, with movie at St. Francis… more characters, material

-Glad I fit in 1k, yesterday.  Book near finish.  Thankfully.

-Writing right now between attiring Self with articles.. frustrating.  Would love to just sit down.

-This vintage’s first steps into véraison, telling me things are about to change for me, my Art.  My career’s about to ripen; that I should have my pen ready.

-At least one verse today, between time at 2 wineries.

-Finding now that if I don’t write, my mood rots; temperament completely soils itself.  It’s become my religion; my pathogen of a passion.

Off to get morning mocha.  Not at all affected by last night’s glasses as I was the night prior, with just that one beer.  Definitely ready for day, thanks to scattered maturation, color change throughout vineyards.  More than before, I feel it’s finally here.  Just have to be ready, welcome it with poise, and I hate to say it.. professionalism.  And the pen, of course.  Till morrow, or quite late 2nite…