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[6/26]  Today, over 1000 words to projects, and LOADS of spoken word.  I feel.. more than simply Artistic.  I’m Alive.  Creative.  I feel ME.  Sipping the beer I bought last night.  IPA, of course.  Spent quite a bit of time today with little Kerouac, wrote at his side.  He helped today with everything, especially when he stared, smiled, suggesting, “Just play, Dad.  Stop worrying so much and just write!” No run yesterday or today, but I wrote, listened to music.  And more importantly, wrote my own music.  My file of poems, to see contribution 2nite.  Not sure when I’ll have recitals booked, but they’ll be there.  In that manilla, launch-ready.  Can’t believe how fast I’m typing right now.  Never felt this invincible on page before.  And yes, I intentionally used that word.  Invincible.

Pictures over the past couple days with which I haven’t done anything.. just enjoying.  Maybe that’s what they’re for; not for blog, of Facecrook.. just for ME.  Need a break, get snack downstairs.  Writers, we’re crazy to the point of writing in starvation.  In fact, many of us will write ESPECIALLY when starved, hypoglycemic, delirious, loopy.  Not me, however.  I’ll compose from espresso’s throws, and when a little buzzed (or further, especially with a courageous Cabernet, or Pinot), but not with empty core.

11:07pm.  Closing frames from today’s stray.  Somewhat surprised at how much verse I put into the little book.  I’ll transfer tomorrow, early morning before work.  Setting alarm for 5:15am.  Want 1000 before Jackie wakes.  Had thoughts today of tasting Room fiction, and I know just how I’d approach page with such guns loaded.  You walk in, always, not knowing what’ll walk through those front doors.  Something from that regard makes each day in the Room, behind that counter, an adventure unlike other professions.  Hoping tomorrow gives me more characters than I’m expecting to have to handle.  Need sleep.  Strolling path to night’s visions entertaining flight.  Navigating, like Dad.  Not a jet, per se, but some craft winged.  I’ll confine it to page, of course, as I’m much too afraid to do what he, Dad, does.  But, I’m building, deconstructing, blending, separating, then re-unionizing those images again…

Character takes flight to Indonesia, on a research assignment for travel company…

No, that won’t work.  “Travel company?” What’s that?  I’ll have to rest on this envisaged mess.  But travel, a necessity for me, my material.  Bona …

6/27/12.  Tired of beginning each entry with date.  Have to find a way, somehow, to Create around those numbers.  In main tasting Room for day’s most.  Went to “industry” “mixer” at Kaz tonight.  Was only there for an hour, but it felt incredible to be back.  Back with my other family.  And every time I’m around Kazzy, I’m more antagonized to be crazily Artistic.  Be true to my Self, as he once told me.  Had a couple new wines tonight that threw me into even more fantasy.  Being there, at my brother’s winery, almost more than I could handle in way of separatist Creative straights.  Questioned my spoken word efforts at one point, today, while pacing back and forth in Kunde’s Room.  Well, walking by that Kaz koy pond, sipping Valley of the Moon Sangiovese Rosé with two new Kunde confreres, ordered I continue.  In such passing, I’m on track 8 of 14 targeted.  Another thought streaming through my consciousness streams during shift: my Wine Bar.  Think what spawned such were the Wine Bar beats I heard while driving to shift.  Had to be.  All under nonaligned winds in wine’s tine.

Further into eve, can’t help but think about the impact of wine in my current current.  Like that new Tempranillo I discovered, only hours ago.  DO I want to produce one?  No.  And I didn’t think that way when sipping, I just enjoyed.  No way that can be wrong.  BUT, did think of the SB, Syrah, Cab that’ll one day be on the whoso cellars tasting sheet.  Just as my friend Ed is imminently launching his own label, so do I.  NEW PROJECT: $1/day, at least.  Will periodically let you know where I am in the gathering.  What are these enveloped bills for?  My wine label?  Self-publishing?  Both?  No idea, as always.  Maybe I should start having an idea.  Like that article I read, where chapbooks are often used to “fund tours,” maybe I should put these stray 1’s into envelopes for sakes of funding all wishes.  One of those wishes being.. my winery.  Sipping one of the double IPA’s with which I’ve been infatuated over the past few nights.  Probably from the elevated temperatures from today.  Was somewhat shocked how hot it actually stopped, on whatever gauge I was checking.

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