“We used to go out at night and catch jackrabbits with scoop nets,”

the young girl from Texas said, at her boyfriend’s right.  Today, blustery atop that mountain.  But still more than gorgeous.  After this entry, I’m pen2paper strictly.  Need more Artful expression, and I’m tiring of this prose.  What would a winemaker do, if they didn’t want to produce a certain varietal?  They wouldn’t.  That simple.  Right now, Jack’s deep to his sleep, dreaming of his abilities, I imagine.  In my envelope, for Winemaking, now: near $40, after a $20 tip today, from a lively generous couple after the rabbit catchers from the Lone Star State.  Had a thought, of producing a different varietal each vintage, to start.  And maybe this year I only do an SB.  BUT, that means I don’t produce with Katie.  That thought I don’t like.

At work, with the Kunde Krew, I’m noticing more not just how the wines change, but how guests’ reactions change alongside.


6/29/12.. Up early this morning, with little Kerouac.  Keeping this entry brief, as I want to be on paper, not a screen.  The Winemaking stash, growing.  Just threw some stray dollars, quarters into its borders.  A salable chapbook, just around corner.  Going to print some pages before I leave.  In fact…  There, printer plugged in.  Today, need as much dialogue as I’m able to barrel, in my little notebook.  The line yesterday from the Texas gal, Katlin I believe was her name was (also the child of a commercial airline pilot, like Katie & I), has me a dialogue addict once again, like Richard in “Crash.” Maybe a novel isn’t as far-fetched as I think.  Printing pages…

The tasting Room, promising so much it’s hard for me to sort it in head, on paper, on screen; so easy to make a novel from my everyday stage it’s cripplingly difficult.  Just have to keep writing, taking notes.  Something will happen.  Something has to.  The Sauv Blanc yesterday, by the way, even more musically vocal with its wooing tropical character and acrobatic acidity.  Should probably get a bottle or two today.  Winemaking savings goal, for my SB, I’m thinking $1200 by Sept. 1, 2012.  That’s doable, I’m pretty sure.  And if I don’t have that, then I work with whatever I have.  One way or another, I’m making wine–making MY Sauvignon Blanc.