6/28 – Started the $1/day.  Decided, it’s for winemaking.  The writing, I can release anytime, and I shouldn’t have to save for my projects, for my Art.  I should have the freedom to release when wished.  But winemaking’s different, I get that.  So far, I have $14.50 in the envelope.  Would have more, much more, if I didn’t put all that money back into my CC’s balance.  It was “responsible,” I know, but not at all fun.

Today, I think I’m on the mountain, which I love.  Hopefully I’ll get a free second, either at day’s start or end-end to scribble something.  Want to be involved in all parts of terroir, to fully grasp what’s around me, the fruit I’ll use for my wines.  Katie, my little sis winemaking professor, still in France.  She’ll be home Saturday, I think.  Need to trap her at some point and talk about ’12.  Need to have this year’s Cab project in motion before too late [even though I’m sure her and I could throw something together at last minute].  Just put $8 more into “Winemaking” envelope.  Have it hidden, in one of the writing capsules in closet.  Not sure why I told you that, but…  Was asked yesterday, quite interrogatively, “What do you ultimately want to do in the wine business?”, as if the directness would somehow arouse cautious instinct; to be censored, careful.  I answered, in simple sequence, “I want to be a winemaker.”

Have to leave, 7 minutes from now.  Should revisit [hate that word, how guests sometimes use it as a sly way to have more wine poured for them] the Sauv Blanc, write more notes on what I like in its character content.  The three Cabernets, going to give them a little time.  But if I do sip them at all today, I’ll write what I can.  Today could be busy.  Hope it is.  For the writing.  And, for my wine[?].