Too much to summarize, do it quickly.  Site walk and meeting in Bennett Valley. 

Back to office to send a few emails, home for a call with Mom and Dad, then a FaceTime with the Nurse while she’s in her second-to-last night in NYC… laughing with me, joking, sweet sentences, everything needed after a long day.

Dinner with Self at KC’s, now home in office.  Odd walking Windsor on such a lighted and loving night without the Nurse…. Can’t remember when I’ve had a night like this, and it feels wrong.  Not wrong, but.. I don’t know, not right.  She’s not here.  I’m tired and looking at the shots I took walking home and sent to her… home, or once of them.  Can’t wait to be at the Villa with her Wednesday, hear more about her trip and….  This is what love, actual Beat thereof and in, looks like.

When was the last night like this?  Honestly not sure…. Would rather be with her but I’m here at the desk, writing and thinking of the new office, this new story and the tech dimension and Street – ROAD, I’m on.  And will be, indefinitely.

Focus on Sonoma County, wineries and their tech placements and layers, all of it.