10:15… into it.  DEEP.

Meeting in a bit.  Need more coffee.  Maybe?  Just a small cup.  Brought lunch, so money saved there.  First site walk later, around 14:00 I believe, somewhere thereabouts…

11:29.  How the F did that happen?  Emails and conversations, much more fluid and motivating and enlivening in this sales story.

Starting to crash, need coffee.

Cup made, and then quiet.  No new messages coming in.  12:00…

Days here pass much quicker, much quicker, than at 425 Cal.

Accepting the moment and what its constituents are.  Letting this new story form new mood architecture and momentum, music about me.

Wish I wouldn’t have drank the latte slower, shit.  Not liking this plain coffee for some reason, but oddly it has me singular and focused like yesterday doing laundry and cleaning the closet and archive with Emmie and Henry.  Emma suggesting what I should do, where I should moves things and why.  Her little synapses kept snapping.

Tech advisory… hmmm…. Part of this story that fascinates me the most, I think.  Infrastructure to core tech, security, operational layers, all of it.  Learning, and just like Henry playing, see what happens.  I’ll figure it out.