Checking emails.  This new story, my whole story.  All parts and Roads I’m on.  Learning new tech, using old methods and revisiting old notes.  All for the kids.  They are it as I’ve said hundred of times on this blog.

This weekend was different.  Not sure how, but it was.  Kids teaching me to consolidate, learning to be simple and composed all over again.  FROM THEM.  The Archive, laundry, my office, the entire loft.  Grateful for my little professors.. Emma, imagination.  Jack, knowledge and hunting new knowledge.  Henry, play and experimentation, variance in approach and practice… teaching me to just do what makes you happy.

The perfect little university, my kids.

Latte from Peet’s.  Makes me think of the Nurse, obviously.  Her pics from NYC, especially last night’s night shot from the ESB and thinking how I’ve never fucking been to NY.  Weird, and as a writer never having been.  Actually not weird, unacceptable.

Trying to schedule a meeting for later in week.  Andy teaching me more about the tech stack and they pyramid of approach with this MSP tech.  Not sure I was even this interested at Sonic, to be honest.  At least not this initial intensity.