Laundry done.  Unbelievable.  Long drive with kids, little grocery stop, or not so little, now Henry and I watch football while the big kids chill and do whatever they’re doing.  Jack on his game and Emma pretending her room is an office and she has a business with multiple zoom calls on the calendar.  

“But it’s Sunday babe, not sure too many people will want to do a call today.” I said.

“Dad, I like making money.  I have to make money, okay?  This is business, and I’m busy, so get out of my room— I mean office.  Get out of my office, okay?”

Put my hands up gently and apologized, praised her for her dedication and vision.  I swear, that little girl…. Sometimes I just can’t.  She is my ruler, my reason, my rationale in most things if not everything.

Earlier when cleaning the closet and doing laundry and finally getting around to addressing the archive, she played with her little brother, pretending the ledge in the archive was a control station or something, where you checked on the house’s various rooms and corners.  Hilarious.

Friend posts picture of her daughters.. so grown, another time reminder.