gratitude morning


Switched up my order at Pete’s, and like the Nurse said I think I’ve officially broken up with Starbucks.  Not sure why I find that so funny.  I don’t know, the randomness of the realization or something?

Iced nonfat 4-shot latte, medium.  So there you go, documented.  By myself in the office and I know just what my objective is over the next 8 hours…. Universal fluency.  With everything.  Learning my head of this thought and the other, one pseudo-worry then one more… clear.  Set.  Connected, new Composition.

Logging notes on yesterday’s site visit….  The tech, the communication, certain contacts, how something maybe was overlooked, inventory, and other points.

Last time I was this alive in a story was Sonic, and then before that FFW, especially the Roth and Lancaster properties.  Now.. NEWER Mike Madigan.

Nurse sending me a sweet message earlier, thinking about out laughs over FaceTime last night, everything I need is already in the story, on this page and the ones before and after.  Happiness definition, both denotation and connotation – HERE.