7-1-23 ::: 16:54


Just now getting to write.  In office organizing receipts.. expanding on the blog, bringing it close to the MAP.

Just a warning to some, I will be writing quite FREELY tonight.  For a number of reasons…. Tired of suppression and this overreaching acknowledgement of my entries.  Throwing it again against me.

Heard an interview with Chelsea Handler the other day while driving that really spun me.  Her freeness, lack of concern… humor of course which I’m trying to implement more.  She doesn’t care, but then does to a sharp yard, measurement.

Sipping the last leftover White Claw (don’t laugh) from the golf event.  Not a regular one, but a “SURGE”, whatever the fuck that means.  White Claw is an interesting symbol for me, which I’ll address in the book and be as honest and slanderous as I want, maybe after a few of these things.  Blackberry, not that bad….

Missing the kids, of course.  So predictable.  Last night ALL of them taking over my bed.  I know, I know, don’t allow that.  But it’s hard, and hilarious when all of them are in there and I tell them to go to bed and the circus is so turned, with such visible circuit and purpose, how could I… I was entertained.  So yes, I’m selfish as a single dad.  I love my kids and love seeing them happy and silly, admiring their freedom.  

Someone should definitely report that.