She, frame new, me held

Music, quiet or loud, only her

No will, no need, kiss caught

End June.  July now, tomorrow.  Coffee and another morning of fury.  Writing a small poem note to Nurse.  She, the book now.  The only book.  Yes, it was, is, fast.  But life is fast.  Life has no problem being quick and just passing me however it wants… so, whatever.  I’m with her.  STRONGLY, with her.

Jack asks for some of her banana bread.  I reflect on my mood the past couple days, I need to find things, anything.. everything, funnier.  That simple.  If I could do that…. Oh my god.  I’d be a different human.

So, starting with this morning, work, end-of-month and …

Everywhere. Not really scattered I would say, just…. I don’t know.

Learning about my character, what I want, how to control moods and attitude.  That being said…. Tempted to sip the coffee just made but thinking I’ll save for later, in the afternoon when that goddamn nap temptation hits me.  So hard to resist when it does, and my win-loss record against it is pathetic.