09:24 texting the nurse, missing her and her laugh and smile, she messaging me yesterday a pic of her and her friend, in Livermore I think.  This story develops and builds much quicker but still with reasonable and cautious pace, more than anything I’ve experienced.  Maybe just credit experience, and where I am in life.  Either way like HST suggested I’m enjoying the ride, delight, happiness I very much fucking deserve.

Finally Henry eating his waffles.  Leaving to get his big brother in a bit.  And…. distracted.  Tomorrow, eager to get out those proposals.  Get them signed already.  EOM is Friday, goal for myself. Never mind the company.  I want something for myself…. More in the book and on that later.

09:32, oh shit we gotta leave soon.  Promised the kids Starbucks for breakfast.  After that, spending DONE.  It’s not a joke how much these tiny humans cost, but it’s not a cost, or a number but part of the love’s entirety.  Parents are different, and I’m more of the type that can’t say no.  Working on that, but not so much.  I want them to be happy.  They have plenty of later years for stress and the word NO.