Back in the loft with Emma and Henry.  Intention and priority grip me after writing in the new journal, the kids and work and new projects.. blogging EVERYTHING, now.  In the moment or soon after.  Jack at his friend’s so Emma and Henry are the ones with me at Safeway, boiling requests and questions, Henry again thinking Safeway is a toy store where I’ll buy him Hot Wheels cars which I did, two, then Emma telling me what I don’t have at home. 

“You need more coffee, Daddy…” She says, just taking some off the shelf and tossing it in the cart.

Not thinking about the work week.  Only my kids, this home, the second floor or loft where we spend much of our time and what sold me on the dwelling.  I knew this was my new writing cave – where everything would happen.

Getting away from the pages, screen.  See what these little humans have to say.. Henry at lunch in the park thought a woodpecker was a chicken eating a tree.  “Ah, chicken, eat tree…”, he said.  Jack and I couldn’t stop laughing, but were impressed with his perception and association.