Buzzing all around the house for the kids… breakfast, laundry, this and that and everything.  LOVE IT.

09:58…. Laundry switch-out again.  Before that, more drawing and constructing of something.. from thoughts of self-care, self-drawn happiness, to be something my kids always want to be around.  Not that they don’t now, just… want to rebuild some corners of the Composition.

About EVERYTHING, and that’s what they represent.  The EVERYTHING in this world, my world.

Frustration with the sales story.  What to do to recalibrate or initiate some new momentum.  Get to where that guy Michael from New York is.

Reaching out to a couple contacts, just checking in.  You never know…. Need more coffee.  This feels like a workday, not a Saturday.  And yesterday was the most fucking Monday-ish Friday EVER.

Changing my attitude… Jack’s first sleepover on one of my weekends, today.  Taking him to a friends at 3.  Communicating with the kid’s Dad.  Nice guy, super communicative and kind.  I’m comfortable with it, having talked to them before and Jack spending time at the kid’s house.

Definitely a work day.  With cute kids that have me laughing while typing.