09:11…. Email sent, packed and ready to head back to loft for work, get supplies for the Monday golf event when I get back.

Little coffee before leave, not even a full cup.  Treating self to a strong, mean, beautiful latte.  No MAP guild, anywhere.

Trip tomorrow, wake at 4 so be in bed around 20:00/20:30.  Bag packed today, everything.  One laptop, one journal.  Leaving this laptop and current MJM journal on desk should something… just in case.

Feel alive and heightened like I did last night talking wine and real estate with Katie and my parents.  This year IS the book.  That’s my love call and cry for this age, this me.. here in the old nook in Skyhawk collecting thoughts before beginning new charge.

Coffee here, strong and dark, believable.  Saying something to me in concern with the birthday reality.  Running today, short goal of 5k, sometime later in day.  Meditations this morning taking me to Sunriver, and Santa Barbara for some reason.  Probably because someone at work told me they were looking at lots there on which to build.

Packing, ready… last couple sips.  My world is MINE.