12:55 –> Everything yesterday fast, sped, hurried in corners of to-do’s… wake, switch bags, drive quick to Park SFO, shuttle to airport, through security to gate, then just as I get there they’re boarding.  Sit, wonder how I made it – five hour flight, uber to hotel, change quick meet team in lobby take shuttle to dinner.  After, wine with team members….

Today, ease …. Run, lunch, just went to 600 14th, 4th floor to get badge.  Finally shaved, now craving a Diet Coke.  Get one at the bar downstairs.. but not before posting something.

By end of Summer, I want to RE classes done.  Take test at some point in Q3 or Q4.  Into 2024 fully licensed.  Again, just to have it, and connect more to the real estate world.

“Remember,” I say to myself even with the window open (not like anyone can hear me 7 floors down on F Street, “take your journal.”

Met another colleague based here in DC I’ve only met over Teams, through a screen.  She trained me and oriented me to the company and its ways, philosophies, during weeks 1 and 2.

New conversations, and more and more of them.  That’s the way…