21:09 —> Not much energy to write.  Commute annoying me this morning, additionally that big quote I had to assemble, but I accepted the mood and didn’t fight it like I usually do with humor and dismissal, satire jabs.  

Got through the day, hurried to Jack’s game to deliver his Jersey.  Luckily there was an extra his coach had… no harm.  Only got to see a little of the game, but no matter – I had a chance to see my son, talk to him and ask him about his day, his week so far, how he did.  He’s excited to make all-stars again this year.. so happy for him and any ripples of my morning mood-mud… gone.

Didn’t let any mood’s distant echoes keep me from running after work since I didn’t this morning which is where the sluggishness began to lift is neck like a typical devil-dragon.  Can’t focus tonight, too tired.   Already feeling the 5.29 miles logged.

Running again tomorrow but in the city.  Embarcadero like all the morning runners I see.

Think I’m finally getting to bed early tonight.  Thank the day’s sourness, and the miles.