No mood this morning and today other than I’m going to do extremely well with this presentation.  So well I intend to stun anyone watching.

Focus on writing and recording, working in office and not running after work.  Last night’s 5+ still hurts.  Rest a day then run at lunch Thursday and Friday in Windsor.

Still no secured domains.  Waiting a bit.  For what I don’t know, just feels right to wait.  For a bit.  Let the ideas plant, if they do.  Establish their footing, grow, tell me to move forward.

Just Stan and I in the office.  Watched training video again and now just a countdown to 12:30.  After my speaking I’ll be at Starbucks… writing freely and about no one topic.  Ia always pressure myself with singularity and “focus”.  And for what…

Write about whatever.. true journaling.  My little cousin’s wedding on Saturday, seeing an old friend Sunday, missing the last company and a bit hurt that my contact and I thought friend over there has essentially ghosted me.  Went completely Bermuda Triangle, apparition, gone.  What can I do. My dignity now with the situation is such that I can’t follow up.