Jack’s practice cancelled, I’m informed after texting the coach.  No baseball the rest of the week, because of heat.

In office and as usual not much movement in AE story.  Planning on staying up a bit later tonight and 1, finishing the #blogeverythingnow site and, 2, posting some notes to BDX.  Something about notes and note taking, recurring as a theme in my story lately.  People talking about taking notes, or notes they’ve made to themselves…. The story talking to me, and I’m listening.  What would I find if I listened closer?

Stopping… in office, AC on dishwasher… sparkling water.  Peace, quiet, calm before I’m locked in this house this weekend with the kids, from the heat.  Definitely planning a trip to the beach.

Message my friend Mariah to see if the company’s sending us a DoorDash credit for tomorrow’s Quarterly meeting.  Could be fun… Order in something good, maybe Boudin’s.

Writing.. notes to self, about attitude and not letting certain people, the address obvious, under or anything near my skin and thoughts.  Not as easy as it’s written, so a work.  A project.. mental health and sturdiness, Karate Kid-like balance.

Happiness…. Temperament.  Maintaining MY psychology.