One of those mornings where the nerves just wrap themselves around me, and a mood results. 

8:31 and so nervy that I’m afraid to have coffee.  Don’t care so much, I keep telling myself but it doesn’t work.  Feel the run from yesterday, majorly this morning.

Take a breath, don’t give so many fucks.  Meeting this morning I’m not looking forward to, why because it’s just annoying.  All of it, this divorce nonsense and back and forth… then something else annoying me, the another human.

Not sure I should post this to BDX but then I’m entirely sure I have to, maybe to help someone feeling the same, or going through something similar.

Not in the mood to write, should stop but for some reason can’t.  Too routine and locked into habitual Mike Madigan in morning.  I’m coming out on top, of everything. There’s no other way for it to be.  That’s it.

Put on some smooth jazz and that begins to relax me, give me visions of going back to Maui by myself, on my own President’s Club trip.  For writing, blogging, what I’ve done with it. Meeting last night with photog and project manager for the University magazine’s winery project.  Went well.  Promising, took some notes and generated new ideas mid-talk.  Need more such assignments, but not too many.  Less is better, and eventually will charge more.