Wednesday August 31st, 2022


Just wanted to write the date out like that.  Call in 21 minutes.  Can’t get the run out of my head, how it felt, the time and this new running contour I’m convinced it put me on.  Grateful, for my ability to run and my health, family, EVERYTHING.  Big kids here tomorrow for dinner and spending the night and can’t wait to hear their stories, little Emmie and her sweetest thing in the world voice.

There was no temp to nap today.  Reason obvious, keeping self busy and making the Ae story something different.  Already started EOD report to Mark… feeling certain and more than motivated.  Like, it’s just going to happen.  All of it… that’s why I have to blog and writer EVERYTHING, now.  Right when it happens.  Like my friend Tasha said when we were managing Field Sales together, everything in ‘real-time’.

3:42 opened a beer just sounded good.  Relax before the call, and I’m not sure wha the purpose of the zoom is other than to meet the photographer I think and maybe another of the project managers.  Wrote some ideas to share, regarding collective composition of then and now and how the winery owners arrived where they are, how the past lit the wick, if you would…