5.16 miles @ 9:18 per.  I’ll take it.  Not the compromising heat like that one 4.23 route where I felt out-of-body, confused, just not with it.  Happy with this run, and the entire route was random and modified in the moment…. Ran to Old Redwood Highway behind the Green then back, around the Green one more time and on Conde for .5 out and back.  Still not at the 8+ miles for lunch nor at the pace before the world was a covid world, but I’m please with this mission, and it’s the start of something.

New running ideas and business sights.  So… Healdsburg Running club…. Sign up for a news letter, two actually.. in a running mood and mode.  Found a half in Cloverdale, October 23rd, a Sunday.  If I have the kids maybe I could stay at my parents’ leave them there while I run then hurry back.

This run was different.  Something in me rewrote itself.  Not sure what.

13.5 hours into fast, or so says the phone but I think it’s wrong.  Anyway, not hungry really.  Just pounded a sparkling water, and back in the AE story.  Not much happening though…. No worry about me.  Thinking more frequently lately how short life is and how at anytime something could happen.  So, I’m going to run, write, travel, love, enjoy my wine, and that’s it.

Can’t wait for the Cloverdale 13.1.  Right now it’s all I can think about… and opening my own running store, organization…. Like Mad Ones Runners Everyday.  M.O.R.E.

Holy shit…