Walk was better than I thought it would be.  Minimal drizzle, then it would intensify slightly.  Meticulous with every movement today.  Looking for new business in the AE story, anything occurring in the shift like yesterday and all its activity.

8:56 sneeze twice.  Too quiet… too plain and predictable again.  Poem I found written on a legal sheet… When did I find it?  I don’t know, couple months ago.  Written in 2020, March 1st.  Much different time in the story, obviously.  “Speak Look” it’s called.  Promising I’ll type it later.

Honestly, should have take today as well.  Last day of the month, I’m at 100%…. Just try and start conversations for September.  What I told Mark I’d do, and I will.  Just need to find the inner-push.  Where is it?

Make it happen, stop wishing or asking where it is, idiot.  And stop being so harsh on self.  The interconnectedness of EVERYTHING and how it echoes other EVERYTHING’s for the story’s forward.  I’m getting what I want, it’s that simple.  We all can when we find that temperature of conviction, intention with no dissension or descent.

Grateful.  For opportunity.  And, just being here.  Alive, able, seeing.