Last day of the month, already.  

And my two days off to myself, that I had been so much awaiting and eager for, done.

Time scaring me this morning and yesterday with its speed and indifference.  Kids here tomorrow, the big kids.  Have to prepare for their landing… some activities while trapped inside if we are to be such.  More than likely will head to the coast one or two times.

Walking to Noto for a latte in a minute.  Not that I deserve it, that’s not where my mind is going.. just want one, and why not.  Life is moving so goddamn quick, it’s so short it’s unfair.  It motivates me, it has to.  It has to excite and enliven me rather than coat me in anxiousness and self-doubt.

Yes, a walk and latte.  Looks overcast.  55 the phone says.  Perfect.

Call scheduled at 4, for the writing gig I picked up.  Sent invoice yesterday.  The 2k will help tremendously.  Have to knock this one completely out of this park or any.  Still in disbelief how this found me…. I’m here though.  A sought wine writer, still.

Just enough cash in wallet for a caffeine injection from the café.  Grateful. 

No. More. Angst.