Calls done.  Went to Starbucks instead, after taking kids to schools.  The one here in Windsor, off Brooks.  Something different.  And I have to say I’m pleased with the decision.  Difference, Newness… saving a few cents but so what.  What’s of value is the shift in pattern.

With calls done, looking for project.  But there’s only one.  The moment, the Now.. here at desk.  Got a call, voicemail, I returned almost immediately and no answer.  Trading voicemails.  I hate that.  Part of it though, life, this, the morning, whether Monday or Friday at work it’s just part of the formula.

I’m too motivated this week, and especially after someone tried slighting me.  No attention to their cowardly actions here only that it made me feel more love and more momentum and BEAT toward what I seek.

Writing singular words in RECORDS journal.  Starting with “CERTAINTY”.  All words capitalized.  More than just emphasis but reiteration of presence and identity, the immediate reality and scene.  I can only win with this mentality architecture.  It, I, will never fall.  No matter how much some people wish I would.

List one thing, ACQUIRED.  Another, SATISFIED.  I only the type to fly, never die.