Mike Paired With Horizon

Coelho talked about Personal Legend I thought driving here to Farmers.  Then Kerouac with the Legend of Duluoz.  Mike Madigan legend finally starting now, or maybe not.  It’s always been there but now I see it.  My relationship with Self building, new architecture and…..

A group of Latino blokes sit across from me at that longer table, sipping their coffee and smiling.  Their happiness is addictive, I type while starting and them and smiling while they smile.  Not sure if they’re on a break from work or on their way to.

Listening to music, certain tracks on the drive as well.  My opinion of the Ae story, shifting… along with the shift itself. Me as an artist, poet bloke or what be.  No sip of the latte yet.. only three shots, already having a double at house.  Mom and Dad readying for their drive to Sunriver, bags out the night before and everything prepared for launch like the old days, like when my sister and I would drive with them.  Two weeks from today, I fly up.  Can’t afford one second wasted while there…. Want a group of pages completed.  Runs everyday, photography… speaking of, going to get that camera.

Today I’m wanting to live madly and wildly and with no restrictions, no barriers, ceilings or walls.  First sip, the latte and her 3 shots agree.  

Men leave and I’m sad.  Smile inward, I say to self.  There’s no reason to do anything but celebrate the day.  Girl in the corner looking at her phone.  Otherwise no one here.  I hear music, additional to the Tycho track playing.  Not sure what to do with it.  My legend.. this, everything from a literary entity and consideration.  Wine, running, the kids, the shift, the condo on the Square or Petaluma, EVERYTHING.