Office and coffee, no latte, 7:14.

Quiet in here like it rarely is.  Didn’t sleep that well, and didn’t run of course even though I had all my running everything out on the floor and in position to slip into.

Have to log onto group meeting.  Feel awake now but I know that’ll change.


9:02, contract sent off for a friend, another AE who’s out of town and I’m his backup.  Leaving soon to work from house.  Second coffee from break room machine.  Student texts me asking what her grade is.  Finally decided, and yes actually decided, that I’m done with the adjunct thing.

Sipping coffee slow, still feeling that Fall chill and not as pronounced sunlight of the morning.  Should be prospecting new business but don’t have the energy.  Don’t force yourself, I say, then look out the window and think about Oregon and how FINALLY next month.

Reminded again of life’s brevity and swiftness just blitzing past us.  Shifting attitude, sight, habits, times I wake and fall asleep… seeing new friend and how she changed literally EVERYTHING in her patterns and ways and behaviors and the results are beatific.

Street sweeper outside the window.  Never understood those…. Street is almost made dirtier.