this morning

Calming in this little office of mine within the office.

Going to hop writing spots today… after this, Acre… then back to house.  OR, that one spot but I’d have to pay for parking and I HATE that.  Not thinking about it now.

Listening to Tycho but got tired of it, so now Emancipator.  “Greenland”, current track.  More aligned with my mood.  Need to wake earlier, as I’ve said for who knows how long.  This morning I’m really feeling it, feeling behind and like there’s an answer fluttering right in front of me and if I woke earlier there wouldn’t be this chase.

It’s only 9:20 I realize.  I have time to catch it.

Escaping into my writing, my LIFE’S WORK…. Sent reports, messaged a co-worker happy birthday, now readying for a call to discuss pricing.  Only 9:35, time playing with me, or reassuring me.  That’s there’s plenty of it and everything is contingent on my usage of it.  And, it’s only an IT.

Headed to Marin tomorrow, Mill Valley toward day’s end. Can’t remember the last time I was there.  A wine shop I want to visit, can’t remember the name… makes me think of when I was trying to court them into getting connectivity from me, from one of the circuits we have available out there.

Messaged someone, then someone else.  Need a writing break, even though I’ve technically been on one since I arrived.

Revisiting an idea, not a new one.  One I had at the beginning of the year, about building network and writing a book or notebooks, a series-like, on prospecting new business.  Inventorying conversations….  It doesn’t hit me, but taps me on the shoulder this morning, wanting to get my attention.  Second half of the day, from Acre, I’ll reconnect with these projects… and when I reach a certain altitude, within a year I’m targeting, I’ll have my office.  ON THE SONOMA SQUARE.  The only location I’m seeing for both office and new home.

Have another prospect to call, but am going to wait.  Will do AE meeting from here, or some other side room though I don’t think this one’ll be occupied at 2.

10:08 now, need to produce contract to send.  Will do before EOD.  My mood elevates.  Why.  Thinking of the kids this weekend…. Little Henry feeling much more comfortable in the new house, Emma following my father everywhere, Jackie wanting to stay longer and how he calls to my mom for answers or a snack, help with something…. Just emailed someone telling them I’m feeling positive, more than positive, about this week.

It’s a new week…. Have a call to make now.  The momentum becomes more loving.  Have to work tonight, at my desk like Dad does into later hours.  I’m calling the day too early I realize.

Covering more ground than I thought I would.  Feel like an explorer, just finding out what’s over there, then over there, what I can see for the sake…