Proud of myself for figuring out a technical stumble

and block in the same way as my SE.  The IP phone they issue us as AE’s at Sonic, mine wasn’t working here in office (decided to come here for some writing, and quiet before doing usual Friday calls), or I could’t figure out how to get a dial tone.  Messed around with ethernet cable, think that’s what it’s called, moving it from one port to another, and the phone rebooted itself.  Dial tone now.  I know you probably are like, “So what?” Or “Big fucking deal….” Agreed, just had to note it here, more for myself than anything.

Calming down after occurrence from yesterday.  New day today, and I expect one contract to land.  Need to follow up with prospect.  What to do this weekend… RUNNING.  Ran into an old running buddy at the Stony Point Starbuck, Coach Patrick I call him as he was the coach in a running group I ran with years ago.  He’s hurt, Achilles he told me, only running 2-something miles a week ago and nothing since.  Said he’s doing a workout with someone today though, wonder what.  Early run tomorrow morning I’m hoping again, we’ll see.

Left house early this morning, just after 7.  Slept okay, but now have a spinning mind.  What I want to do, when, tomorrow and the next day, new stories.  Feel bad cancelling class last night, but I needed some time.  Just as I have some now.  Can’t believe I got this phone to work.  Should I go into IT?  Oh my god, NO..  Just kidding, I’m a bit in disbelief this thing actually works now.

Yesterday walking around San Rafael with another AE, the brunch after in Petaluma, talking about family and work, the future of this company….