Busiest day I’ve had in a few….

At 3rd Street sending emails and having a glass, much deserved – MUCH – of SB.  After this glass, heading back to house I guess.  Watch news, write a little, I don’t know…. I’m definitely in war time.  At least how I feel. Re-writing the entire story, with the shift, and that set of chapters now providing new useful ire.  No idea what to write.  Had to cancel zoom meeting because of the WiFi issue.

What is the plan for the weekend.  I don’t know… run, definitely.  And somewhere new. Thinking this one part of Cotati that I discovered recently.  Flat, new, and maze-like.  I could just keep tallying miles.

So much I want to put to page right now, but restraint.  It’s difficult. SO much I want to say.  Calming.  This is an exercise and test of self-talk and mental health.  Weird… I’m really going through this.  Enjoy the wine, I tell myself.  SB, and I think Murphy-Goode, if I’m not wrong.  Not impressive, but appropriate, useful, simple, I don’t know.

My mind pulls me away from the screen and keyboard, then somehow I come back realizing and remembering where I am… some older guy ordering a beer and somewhat in a rude way.