8/25/21, need to stop using the AE laptop for writing.

Finally a contract lands today.  Just finished lunch, sandwich from Oliver’ no shock and now back on laptops.  Using phone as a hotspot which I rarely do, and hate doing.

Hitting gym between 4 & 4:30.  Starting new practice today, balance between cardio and strength.  Will write about all workouts.  And no more promising, just going to produce and paginate.

Quiet day other than the contact finally landing.  Quiet all around.  Somewhat tempted to go workout now, but that’s probably not the best of ideas seeing’s how I just ate.  Not full at all though.  Still a bit hungry, which is a positive.  Changing diet altogether.  Tonight, light dinner from Oliver’s, a little wine, then early bed.  Have some cleaning to do, and need to empty out this goddamn backpack.

Can’t believe a sale actually came in.  Been too long.  What did I learn from it, what could I have done different?  Health of person, health of business…. There’s a tie there, obviously.

Co-worker just messages me, thanking for sending in an addendum to a contract from a few months ago.  I’m calm today, more than usual.  Melody, harmony, meant music for Mike Madigan.