Easy Knock

3:18, lunch with other AE was amazing.  Talked of course about work and meeting quota and prospecting new business, everything you’d expect from 2 Ae’s.  Then we went deep into music, listening to what was playing at 3rd Street Aleworks, then music we ourselves have made, he telling me about songs he’d record and post to YouTube at the beginning of the Pandemic.  I need to make music again, I thought.. starting with verses.  Writing one tonight, no fail.  

Meeting at Moonlight Brewery up the street in a few.  Right now, just letting the workweek end.  Objectives set for tomorrow.  Meeting a friend later in day to discuss a possible business move.  Need to wake early for run.  Quiet in house, only me and thoughts, of where the story is…. Not writing as fast, and that’s okay.  Visiting my Lancaster sisters earlier, after the lunch meeting – talking about wine and the property.  Didn’t take one picture, which is rare for me.  Just wanted to be there, present, talking with Taryn and Larissa, Petya and the others.

Can’t get over how quiet the house is, and how it’s Friday.  Hate that give Friday such medal.  Feeling exploratory, redrawn.  Pages…