10:12, writing break.

Sent out a proposal, see if I hear anything.  Followed up on all leads.. may reach out to another AE, see if they want to have lunch.  Need to get out.. was supposed to be in the street with another AE today, but cancelled having to get the pricing out to yesterday’s phone call prospect.

Walking away from desk in a bit… OH, first…. Messaged another AE, see if lunch can happen.  It can.  Great… 12pm need be there.  No run today, maybe weights— no, DEFINITELY weights later.  In garage.

Want more photog, more videos, more production, multimedia, CREATIVE.  Today’s aim, one video, one photo.. that’s it.  Centered around Bottledaux and the #professormikey identity.  Last night’s class had me energized and somehow different in mood and character, my writing ways and beat, music, I don’t know what else to say.  I have this image of me, in an apartment, writing in the morning, then going for a run, coming back and writing more, then meeting with other bloggers over lunch—  SHIT, another idea… 

Morning iactive and live, alive and consistent.  Bottledaux more identity, in the form of, hard to say.  Just new life and language.