In office, 2:13, coffee, done with Mid-Month meeting with director.  Still no stales.  One prospect just emailed back and said he has no more questions for me after I checked in.  He’s meeting with his business partners and will run my proposal by them.

Need to stay on top of call this morning, and the build requests.  Will write request to upper-management tonight for approval of the whole deal’s composition.  Not doing now as I need this writing break, this pause.  This coffee…. Call at 3.  After that, leave office.  Work at a writing spot some—  Something at work comes up.  Shit.

Nothing major, just an account adjustment.  15 days counting today to get the goose off the board.  Have plenty in the “funnel”, but not a lot of movement.  Patience, yeah I get it, but it’s tough, and for some reason tougher this time around.  Not sure why. Maybe ‘cause of the shift?  No idea.  Need more consolidation…