Emma comes downstairs by herself, no big brother in tow.  Asks where he is so I guess still asleep.  Latte has to be one of the strongest I’ve ever had from a Starbucks or anywhere.  Will be my only caffeine dose of day I’m sure.  As I get old, like with many changes in diet and compulsion, I’m more sensitive to caffeine and don’t need much to start the taxi to runway.

So much music listened to yesterday, from The Doors to Janis Joplin, to LoFi beats, to Mr. Coltrane….  NEED MORE MUSIC.  Hip-Hop, Jazz, classic rock, EDM, everything..

Still no fucking sales.  Enough in the funnel to make 200% of my quota I’m sure, but everyone disappears, into this funnel Bermuda Triangle.  I’m not letting myself frustrate, and you know what Mom’s right.. should just get on a fucking plane, head to Oregon.  Can’t bring myself to do it though.  Have the thought be part of the 81421 business development.  Agreed. 

Emmie watching a kids’ show, relaxing on the couch, much deserved after her busy week.  Kindergartener.  How.  She lays there relieved it seem, “stay home day” like she always says in reference to weekends or holidays.